In with the Lemurs exhibit - ZSL London Zoo

In with the Lemurs exhibit – ZSL London Zoo

New exhibits like “In with the Lemurs” at the ZSL London Zoo put you inside with the animals.   While not an ideal situation when trying to photograph the big cats, it provides a wonderful experience and great photo taking opportunity with these small Madagascan mammals.   The new exhibit opened this year and allows you to walk among the lemurs with no barriers between you and the animals.

While visiting the ZSL London Zoo last month, we were thrilled when we came upon the new exhibit.   After entering through the double doors we were mere feet away from the 15 small ring-tail lemurs.   They cuddled in small groups or moved about over our heads on the branches.    These small primates jumped and moved effortlessly through the trees.   The three of us were constantly pointing and laughing at the antics.

Photographing the lemurs without barriers is not without its challenges.    True, there are no bars, fences or glass between the camera and the lemur, but these are some quick little guys that can be hard to capture.   I ended up with plenty of pictures of blurry lemur tails as they were quickly in the frame and then…gone.

In the cloudy overcast day of reduced light, I went for the stationary lemurs for my pictures.   By blurring the background in the picture at the top with a wide aperture I was able to shoot up at the lemur and not have the fencing behind him show in the photo.

Ring-tail Lemur - ZSL London Zoo

Ring-tail Lemur – ZSL London Zoo

Here I capture their cute little feet to show how they can climb, jump and live in the trees so well.

This is a great new exhibit at the ZSL London Zoo and I highly recommend taking time to visit if you are in the area.   Do you know of any other exhibits that allow us to get in with the animals?  Post a comment and let me know.