I have been looking forward to starting this Web site and today is the day. No April Fools joke here, I’m starting Zoo Photo Tips today to share my passion in zoo photography. I was at the San Diego zoo last week and I was truly amazed at how many cameras are in use at the zoo all the time. From camera phones to professional cameras, we are all taking photographs of the animals and surroundings. Each of us is taking photos for our own reasons.

Today’s photographs might be memories of a great day spent with your grandchildren or your baby’s first visit to the zoo. Those memories are captured and cherished in photographs. Maybe you have our favorite zoo animal and just can’t get enough of their facial expressions and antics. Or perhaps you are the amateur photographer looking for that great shot to hang on our walls or create next years calendar for your family.  No matter the skill level or photographic experience, no matter the final purpose of the images you take, you can implement the tips I’ll be listing here to improve those images and make the zoo photographs we take come alive.

Share your questions with me and let’s improve the quality of the zoo photos we take.