Check the weather for the forecast of great photos

by | Jun 26, 2016 | Photo Tips, Zoo | 0 comments

The weather forecast might call for rain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get great photos at the zoo.  There are fantastic photo opportunities indoors and under the awnings.  The reptile house is a perfect example of where to get great photos on a rainy day.  Actually, it is the one of the best times to take photos of the reptiles because the zoo is less crowded and you can spend more time with each animal waiting for the right pose or expression.
However, not all forecasts lend themselves to great photos.  I recently visited the Fort Worth Zoo and Dallas Zoo on consecutive days in mid-June and both days were just brutally hot and sticky.   I live in Denver and even a hot day here in the summer is bearable with the shade and a breeze.  I was completely taken by surprise on just how hard it was to focus on photography when the weather was that hot and humid.   I enjoyed both of these zoos’ layouts, friendly staff and great exhibits, but the heat had me looking for some air-conditioning more than the animals at times.   My concentration suffered, so I will have to return to these zoos in the fall when the weather and I can agree on what is comfortable.

Always check the forecast before venturing out to the zoo, but don’t be afraid of a little inclement weather as it just might make the zoo less crowded and easier to get that great shot.  However, extreme heat and humidity might keep the crowds away, but it can also make it hard to concentrate on photography when all you can think about is finding a cold drink.