PenguinsThe excitement of unboxing of a new camera is fantastic.  Pull out the camera, the strap, the battery, and the memory card.    Put everything together and start taking pictures.    What’s that book in the bottom of the box?   Oh, the manual.   That could be important.
I was on vacation with a fairly new camera.   It was small, light and had features galore.   However, the menus were totally foreign to me and everything was somewhere other than where I expected it.   Without the manual, I don’t think I’d have found the setting to switch from single focus to continuous focus until well after the penguin show was over.   Those flightless birds would have been sightless blurs without that setting change.
Of course I’m not going to carry around a paper manual with me.   My tip to everyone is to leave the paper one in the box and go to the camera manufacturer’s website to download the PDF version of the manual.   Load it on your phone or tablet and have it with you always.    Being able to search the PDF file quickly and find the setting can save your image.
TIP:   Download the PDF version of the manual and load it on your phone.